VaccinateCA is a community-driven effort to help Californians learn accurate, up-to-date, verified information about how to get the coronavirus vaccine.

Our team calls medical professionals at hundreds of potential vaccination sites daily, asking them if they have the vaccine and how to get an appointment. We also gather vaccine location information from official sources, including federal government agencies, county health departments, and healthcare providers. We compile what they say into a comprehensive map, and make it freely available on this site, to other publishers, and to public health initiatives.

Our Commitment to Equitable Access to Vaccine Information

Nationwide evidence indicates that, despite being more severely affected by the covid-19 pandemic, members of marginalized communities have received disproportionately fewer vaccines than those with more resources.

VaccinateCA is committed to ensuring that those with historical disadvantages have equitable access to all the information we report. By partnering with experts and advocates who have demonstrated trust with their communities, we hope to develop tools that support the real needs of those most impacted by the crisis.

If you would like to work with us towards this goal, please email us at:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I help?

Get the word out about the vaccine in your community. Help your eligible loved ones get the vaccine. Continue wearing your mask and observe social distancing guidelines.

What we need the most right now are responsible volunteers who can help us call healthcare providers across the state so we can continue to offer comprehensive information about COVID-19 vaccine availability to all Californians.

If you’d like to volunteer to help us make calls, please let us know.

Follow us on Twitter to keep up to date on other opportunities to help out.

We don’t need money. Many charitable projects do; they would appreciate your generous support.

I am a reporter. Can I get in touch?

Please email; we’ll be in touch quickly.

I work at a medical provider! How do I ask you to update our information or make a request of you?

We appreciate the work you are doing, and are here to support it!

Please text (415) 301-4597 with your message, institutional affiliation, and an internal extension or contact name so we can call back to verify. We cannot receive photos at this number; text only, please.

One of the organizers will read your message and take action as soon as reasonably possible.

I work in a community-facing organization or for the government. Can we discuss this?

We want to support the urgent work you are doing in getting Californians vaccinated as quickly as possible. Please email us at to discuss.

Does this effort increase or decrease toil in the healthcare system?

Most hospitals will get thousands of phone calls per day. They are currently being slammed by many more people than usual asking them the same question: “Do you have the vaccine?”

By asking that question and publishing the answer, we can save their phone bandwidth for the day-to-day operations of the hospital. We also save people seeking the vaccine from having to call dozens of locations to find one that has availability.

Is the information on this website accurate?

We publish only what the vaccine site told us when we called. The situation is complex, supplies may vary throughout the day, and not everyone at the site might have up-to-the-minute information as to what their policies actually are.

We’re doing our best, but can’t make any guarantees.

Some of us who worked on this project on Day 1:

Who is behind this project?

VaccinateCA is a project of Call The Shots, a nonprofit organization that also runs the national Vaccinate The States effort. Hundreds of volunteers across the country are the heart of the operation, and make our efforts possible. To reach our management team with feedback, comments, or questions, please contact:
  • Jesse Vincent, Chief Operating Officer:
  • Zoelle Egner, Chief Communications Officer:

A collaborative effort by Call the Shots, Inc, Californians, and other interested people.

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